Friday, 7 January 2011

Classical Music Lapbook/Unit Study

Really excited about one of our next projects. The Nozz and I are going to start an ongoing classical music lapbook and/or unit study.
Our starting point is this classical music lapbook by Jimmie.

So, as Jimmie recommends, we're going to start out finding out about musical instruments and the orchestra.

We have printed out some free musical instrument printables from currclick and laminated them for use in our study. These are great for sorting out the instruments into their families.

A great way to learn about the instruments in an orchestra is a mini study of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.

There are so many Peter and the Wolf clips on Youtube but we like this one:

You can also listen to an old recording of Peter & The Wolf here at kiddie
Whilst there you will probably get terribly side-tracked when you see all the other fantastic vintage recordings they offer!
Look at some of these!!

Anyway, I digress!

To make sure you really get to grips with the instruments, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra website has a page where you can hear what each instrument sounds like.

The New York Philharmonic also has some great resources on it's kids pages.

Classics for Kids also has some great podcasts about instruments in the orchestra and also a quiz.

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