Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ancient Egypt Lapbook - Hieroglyphics

This week we took a look at hieroglyphics, cartouches and the Rosetta Stone.

Books we used:

General links

We keep referring back to Jimmie's Ancient Egypt Lapbook - the most definitive page we've found yet.

Knowledgebox Central offer this fanatsic free 107 page booklet full of lapbook templates, note booking pages and information to fill your lapbook.
Page 12 has a template where you can write your name as a cartouche.
Page 21 has a template to fill in about the Rosetta Stone.

Lots of downloads from

Hieroglyphics resources

Woodlands Junior School as ever have a great page full of information.

A fun interactive site about hieroglyphs from the childrens university of Manchester.

Print out your name in Hieroglyphics

Another Hieroglyphic translator from Discovery Kids

Snaith Primary have some interactive pages

A well-laid page all about hieroglyphics and cartouches from kidzone

Print the above table out by clicking here.

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